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“Airbus - legroom ...” 12/05/2017

“Professional (as ever)” 12/05/2017

“Reliable airline” 12/09/2017

“Great” 12/08/2017

“Excellent service” 12/10/2017

“Yet another tiresome Aer Lingus experience” 12/10/2017

“A solid alternative carrier that avoids the crush at Faro” 09/11/2017

“Quick flight route from Lisbon (Cascais) to Southern Portugal” 09/07/2017

“My fav airlines ” 12/10/2017

“work travel” 12/09/2017

“Be Aware!! --> Delayed Flights” 06/22/2017

“Standard airline experience * But pay close attention to the airports assigned for flying in and out on RT tickets *” 12/08/2017

“very good flights and food, thank God!” 12/05/2017

“Passengers Beware! Choose another airline.” 12/06/2017

“Safety travel in a twin propeller airplane, but of course with more trepidation” 12/04/2017

“Aeromexico shows its evil face” 12/09/2017

“WORST AIRLINE ON EARTH!!!!!!!!” 12/08/2017

“If you miss your connection, buy another ticket” 11/21/2017

“SAA Always there for You” 09/20/2017

“Flight Delay” 12/03/2017


“Cheap, nice staff” 12/04/2017

“Cheap, good service ” 12/03/2017

“Air Algerie Review” 12/04/2017

“Rampant cronyism and bathroom deniers” 11/24/2017

“Great experience” 11/02/2017

“Very positive experience” 10/28/2017

“This airline sucks” 12/09/2017

“The Price is " Pay As per Your Needs"” 12/09/2017

“Worse than average” 12/07/2017

“Cheapest way to fly in the Philippines 🇵🇭 ” 12/05/2017

“Morning trip” 12/10/2017

“no frills here” 12/09/2017

“Air Asia X Great Airline.” 12/04/2017

“Fly away” 12/04/2017

“Always late & bad experience ” 12/10/2017

“Bad customer service on live chat” 12/10/2017